Why Choose Wang’s Acupuncture

  • Results oriented and proven treatment methods
  • Western and Chinese Medicine training at reputable institutions
  • Work with your physicians for best results.
  • Published authors in scientific journals
  • Father and son team working together to ensure the highest quality of care.
  • Respected in the medical community.
  • Licensed in FL; Certified by NCCAOM.
  • Conveniently located in Mandarin, South Riverside and Fernandina Beach.


I am a middle-aged surgeon in Jacksonville. My practice involves using an operating microscope almost daily. This makes my profession at higher risk for neck pain and or disability from repetitive unnatural neck movements required at times in using this equipment. I recently suffered an injury in an auto accident that has significantly affected my ability to do my job. Dr. Wang has helped me with pain relief from my injury. His treatment has been both with acute management as well as chronic control of pain during my recovery. I can say categorically that Dr. Wang's expert management of my problem has kept me on the job without my using mind numbing painkillers.

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