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Roger Wang

  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine,
  • Acupuncture Physician,
  • Dipolomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
  • Eight years of training and experience in medicine,
  • Three years in a M.D. program.
  • Publication in a peer reviewed and respected scientific journal:
    Kudsk KA, Wu Y, Fukatsu K, et al. Glutamine-enriched total parenteral nutrition maintains intestinal interleukin-4 and mucosal immunoglobulin A levels. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2000 Sep-Oct;24(5):270-4.
  • St. Jude Pediatric Oncology Education Program. Memphis, TN.
  • Medical School Year M1-M3 at Univ of Tenn. Health Science Center School of Medicine. 1998-2001

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Wang Acupuncture is amazing. I had neuropathy and the pain, numbness and tingling drove me crazy. My doctors told me there is nothing they can do. But Wang Acupuncture helped me resolve the neuropathy. I'm so happy now!

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